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Sandy White received her BFA in Painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the University of Pennsylvania.


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Nature is unpredictable and roiling and talkative, wild and fun, and full of surprises. There is no smoothing over here, no patting down of landscape to make it look safe, manageable and picturesque. Instead of the viewer pressing reality onto the surface - thereby pushing nature back, I want my paintings to pulsate with nature's undercurrents and hidden elements, working and wriggling up from the inside to reveal themselves, popping out to meet the viewer.

"Big Meadow" by Sandy White

"Nicasio Chest" by Sandy WhiteThe painting at once must appear very complicated and very simple. As a work progresses, unplanned for patterns emerge - light, movement, stroke, color, humor, line, softness, shadow, weather, focus, shape, temperature, electricity, brightness of sparkle, energy, attitude, and so on, and on. My job is to retain and circulate continued interest on many fronts, to discover and balance patterns, to keep the viewer thinking and wanting more.

If I were to isolate a 2" square anywhere on the work, it had better be interesting, all on it's own. The whole had better work in daylight and by candlelight and with sunglasses on, from various distances reflected in a mirror and upside down, as the abstract intersects with the representational

- Sandy White, 2014

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